Inspiring Watch Press and Print Campaigns

These are a series of creative watch ads selected from my own archive. These are great examples of press campaigns and print ads from mostly luxury watch brands.


46555bc10c777da12ce1ece39c23fefb 20114168322735 aston-martin-mag-jaeger Audemars Piguet - 2 Audemars Piguet audemars-piguet-fetes-40th-birthday-of-royal-oak-with-world-tour_3 baume_mercier CHANEL J 12 chanel5-1 charlize-theron-dior-viii-watch creative-watch-ads-from-the-leading-brands-3 creative-watch-ads-from-the-leading-brands-8 creative-watch-ads-from-the-leading-brands-9 creative-watch-ads-from-the-leading-brands-10 creative-watch-ads-from-the-leading-brands-13 df4b71b6e68a0e2034bd93459963c7aa Diesel watch ad diesel_calculate_your_days_to_live_01 Esquire.indd fullZZZZZZPRW050501000409PIC gucci_1 Gucci-China-3 Gucci-Vintage-Watch gucci-watch-ad home_image.1362436 images (1) large_1024x LONGINES-Elegance is an attitude LONGINES-Elegance louis-pion-watch-head-1-small-14431 louispion Marvin-Do not dry clean nicolas-guerin-technomarine-watch pnj4dmyta1 Rolex Print stamina-triax-watch-fast-small-57824 technomarine-1 versace-3 watch-that-hand-i-mani-di-dani-for-watchvertizing


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