Yasamin Samiei – Advertising . Graphic Design


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Yasamin Samiei, has more than 10 years of professional experience in designing and managing large-scale projects for leading companies specialising in advertising, branding, design and digital media; including Havas Worldwide London (worked on campaigns for Peugeout, Thomas Cook, Chivas, Havas Woldwide Network, and the IPA), LG Electronics (Tehran), and ICT Co. She has also worked with a group of personal clients from the start-up, small and medium-size companies such as the Hype Energy Drink (Iran), Sarutti Co. (an international interior design company based in Tehran), Gulf Education (London), CTV (London), Taylor & Trust Co. (London), and Simply Web 2 (New York). She started her education and profession as a Graphic Designer, and after many years of working with different clients and companies, she continued her creative work in advertising, during her Master’s degree at Ravensbourne, London, and the IPA Creative Advertising School in Art Direction.

Establishing this business is the next career move for her, after gaining an extensive experience of working with global brands and companies.



The services offered are branding, website design, User Interface design, and advertising services:

  • Branding:

Every new business and new brand requires a corporate identity (logo) that visualises and represents the brand’s personality, culture and values. For explaining the importance of high quality branding design for a business, it is enough to say that the right logo and branding can be one of the reasons behind the success of a brand, or the wrong one can be the cause of failing a business. Therefore, the creativity, strategy and the knowledge behind designing a brand identity are very important. With the use of experiences in creating successful branding design for many global brands, this agency offers a branding package to its clients, including the brand identity design (logo), business card, letterhead, envelope, folder, CD/DVD label, and cover. In some cases, if a business only needs a new logo, this service will be offered individually.


  • Website design:

For designing a website at this agency, the creative thinking combines with technology to add value to the brands. In today’s digital world, a brand’s website is as important and necessary as the brand’s identity. With the rapid growth in the number of smartphone users, tablet and PC owners, the accessibility of the Wi-Fi, and the growing number of 4G and 3G internet users; it is crucial that a brand or a company’s website delivers their highest values in the most effective and engaging way. Using extensive experience of creating engaging and informative websites for brands across the world, this service would help clients to have a strong and effective online presence that makes their brands grow even further.


  • User Interface (UI) Design:

Mobile and tablet sites, mobile applications, and campaigns will be designed at this agency. With the use of previous experiences across the user interface (UI) design and development, clients will be ensured that their business is best positioned to adapt to changes in trends and technology.


  • Advertising:

In today’s market, brands don’t just talk, they listen, and they don’t just share, they deliver values. The wrong advertising can actually reduce the sales of a product, however the effective and strategic one can move a brand’s value to another level.

At this boutique advertising agency, advertisements will be created based on the current trends and innovation, and the modern techniques.

The advertising services offered by this agency are designing brochure, catalogue, flyer, print ads for newspapers & magazines, poster, and billboard. Online advertisements include social media and web banner advertisements.



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