Guerrilla Marketing, a New Game


Guerrilla warfare is defined in Wikipedia as “a form of irregular warfare….in which a small group of combatants use ambushes, sabotage, the element of surprise and extraordinary mobility….to strike a vulnerable target”.  Hopefully this gets you all tingly inside as it is highly relatable to our purpose as guerrilla marketers.

These are exciting times.  The shortcomings of traditional media combined with the ever-evolving maturity and selectivity of the consumer have cleared a path for the courageous.  Conventional messaging has failed both the end user and the marketing industry as a whole.  What now exists is a prevalent need for substance, for value, for authenticity and for the remarkable.

In a constantly buzzing atmosphere, we are in the unique position to express ourselves to consumers in a manner that adds valuable moments to their everyday lives.  We are in the business of creation, folks.  We produce influential art.

We are limited only by our own mental barriers.  Historical boundaries have been effectively removed thanks in part to the immeasurable reach and depth of online life.  Monetary prowess is no longer the driving force behind a campaign’s success.  There’s a new game in town, folks.

Passion, creativity, imagination, hard work, courage, strategy, flexibility, adaptability – these are the artillery with which we make our presence known.

As Jay Conrad Levinson once wrote, “Here is what guerrilla marketing is not: expensive, easy, common, wasteful, taught in marketing classes, found in standard marketing textbooks, practiced by advertising agencies, or known to the majority of your competitors.”

It’s not in the book.  It’s in between the lines.  And it’s up to you to define its future.



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