“Paper Moon” -21: Ad war, Audi vs. BMW

Welcome to Ad Wars! Audi and BMW started dueling back in 2006, over which brand had the most prestigious “Car Of the Year” award. It seems like this battleship became the advertising strategy of the Audi after then. The latest one started in Santa Monica, CA where Audi decided to put a billboard just next to the BMW, featuring their brand new Audi A4, with a clever message, “Your move, BMW”! (see below) And just before that, the BMW with the message, “Checkmate”! These two billboards where featured in one of the most trafficked highways in CA, where all the luxury cars come out to challenge each other. ! Well, these two brands became so successfull in having gone toe-to-toe with each other in their Advertisments.

Work on the advertisement was done by the intrepid Santa Monica, CA based Juggernaut Advertising. Below is one of the most clever TV ads of Audi. I should say their strategy is brilliant!



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