“Paper Moon” -18: The Economist Ambient Ad

Title: Light Bulb
Client: The Economist
Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Creatives: Paul Belford, Nigel Robberts
Location: London,Uk.

This special-build poster, which appeared in London late in 2004, featured a giant three-dimensional light bulb against The Economist magazine’s trademark red background-alluding, of course, to the bright brains of those who read it. The bulb lit-up every time someone passed directly beneath it, as Paul Belford explains: ‘It actually works on the same principle as security lights. There’s a small sensor hidden by the bulb that detects movement [which is] triggered whenever a pedestrian walks beneath it.’

Lucas, Gavin and Dorrian, Micheal.(2006) Guerrilla Advertising. London.UK.

I don’t really have the source in which I found this one, but I loveeee the idea of the balloon!


2 thoughts on ““Paper Moon” -18: The Economist Ambient Ad

  1. I love the manifest ‘Kill your TV, bake a cake & drink tea! that’s definitely something worth celebrating and making a contract with I’ve been refining/writing/re-writing mine and attempting to make something interesting about it.


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