“London Events” -5 : Nissan Inovation Station – Inspiration for Exhibition Design

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Nissan recently opened its futuristic Innovation Station at the world’s most popular entertainment venue, The O2 Arena in Greenwich.It is full of interactive and fun stuff. It’s not only a Nissan showroom, But a very fun place to be.The exhibition challenges visitors to think about the future of driving and the changing face of motoring. The interactive experience features the LEAF driving game, called Fuel Your Economy, a virtual car design programme and interactive games for all ages.  Also there is a section that you can take a photo with your favorite Nissan car and favorite background. After all, you can email all these photos that you took and create to your email. I should say that the Formula one driving games are the most interesting ones in there. The Innovation Station is part of Nissan’s three-year partnership with The O2.

This is the first section of the exhibition which I was so interested in because I got this idea of displaying things on the floor and make some fun for the visitors playing with them. I filmed Erica playing with this circles.


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