“Goodmorning London!”: – I ♥ …

Milton Glaser is one of the most effective and well known Graphic Designers of the past 4 decays. He designed the “I  ♥ NY” logo at the 1976 for the The advertising campaign to promote tourism in New York City. The trademarked logo appears in souvenir shops and brochures throughout the state. Although the logo was published at 1977, it seems that the logo became even more famous than its designer. I don’t think that I will be able to say how many time this logo have been used in T-shirts, mugs, shopping bags and … and how many times designers used the idea of this logo to design another effective advertising. 9 days after September 11, Milton Glaser published another version of this logo, with a little dark spot like a little burning place in the corner of the heart and included another phrase to it: “More than ever!”.  A rumor says that this spot is the location of Twin Towers on the Manhattan island map.

Below are some of the logos and designs, inspired by this logo.

The last one, puts the lover behind, and talks about Love! Pure Love!

These Advertisements were designed for a city in France called “Nancy” with adding only 3 characters to the original logo!!

Take good care of your heart!

February 14, – Valentine’s and Coronary Patient Day! (Great one!)

I also remember  that “Sony Erricson” used this idea for their websites and all the advertising, by using their logo instead of putting the word: “love”!

This is how a great idea expands!

Good morning London! 🙂


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