Guerrilla and Ambient Advertising! No. 1

The main job of any design is to be noticed and remembered by your target audience. Creating a buzz around your product, cause or message is vital if you want word to spread. In some mediums it is harder than others to really stand out, but as designers it is our job to make sure that happens. One area in which we can learn a lot about how to do this is Guerrilla and Ambient advertising. In this field they have skills that it takes to get noticed and remembered. Sometimes shocking, other times fun…almost always memorable.
That’s what I’m dieing to do in Advertising!

Dental Implant Insurance

Pepperidge Farm Soft Bread

Spray for Dogs

Tibits – Very Very fresh vegetarian food

Police- Slower is Better Batteries

Rimmel Quick Dry Nail Polish

3M Security Glass

P.S “Guerrilla and Ambient Advertising!” is a brand new category in my blog which is going to be published almost every day. Other Categories are yet to come!


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